About Us

Low Country Livin' ...... It's a Lifestyle. 

That simple phrase was the beginning of a dream for our founder Tom Graziano. The idea to find a way to embrace the way of life for the Lowcountry residents. He found it in a shrimp named "LowCo" and made it by the marsh (Marsh Made). The company was started along the Lowcountry marshes of SC in the Bluffton / Hilton Head Island area. Located just a few hours south of Charleston, SC, this coastal land warmed his heart and relaxed his soul.This he found was how to live his life in style - the Lowcountry Lifestyle. Life here is about family and friends and the realization that the two are the same. Everyone here is addressed naturally as either, "Sir" and "Ma'am" - occasionally with a little draw. The enjoyment of the great outdoors from the inshore waters to the oak lined fairways. Understanding that with the riches the land and sea provide come with the responsibility of taking care of it for the future generations. A fact that all of us here take a serious commitment to preserving.

Now Tom and everyone at Low Country Livin' want to share it with you. For the person who lives here in the Lowcountry, for the ones yet to come, for the ones who visit for a week and the ones who visit for a lifetime, Low Country Livin' is the perfect fit.